Information Technology


We bring our experience and best practices to meet our clients’ unique requirements.

Communication Link

information-technology1In today’s fast paced trade environment, our ability to communicate via our direct hardware connection with Customs, other government agencies and our customers is the key to our operational success. This allows us to process timely, accurate and complete data via our direct link with US Customs and Border Protection through our secured dedicated servers. Our equipment and software allows instant communication assuring our customers access to critical shipment data in real time 24/7 including clearance and handling information, instant email event notifications and internet online tracking.

Automated event notification via email

Our ABI system and software is in direct communication with Customs 24/7. Shipment processing results are simultaneously sent to our customers via automated event notifications. This not only allows our personnel to closely monitor every shipment, but provides our customers with real-time shipment information to properly link and manage their logistic process, in addition to assisting in the efficient movement of their cargo.

Internet Online Reports

Eliminating the guesswork on whether shipments have been released by Customs is a key part of our service. With Internet online tracking our customers have personalized access to real-time shipment information. Access includes up to the minute shipment processing information with Customs and Border Protection and other government agencies as well as detailed information such time of arrival at Customs, Customs Release or Hold Status, Customs Inspection/Intensive Examination results as well as other Government Agency results. Our customers can also view and print all Customs documents prepared on their behalf. Another nice feature – Our customers can access their account information such as their current balance, statements, payment history as well as our invoice for services rendered.

Computer Hardware/software capabilities

To ensure stability and uninterrupted service, we utilize the best Customs ABI software and support company on the market. Our operating system hardware is comprised of the latest computer equipment available including state of the art work stations and high powered network and internet servers all backed by the latest in anti virus protection and high speed internet connections

Maintenance/replacement program

With our emphasis on service through cutting edge technology, our equipment maintenance and replacement programs means we are continuously updating our system software and technology to sustain growth and continue in our ability to provide our customers excellent service. This not only secures our position as one of the technological leaders in our industry, but assures our customers access to the latest tools and resources to facilitate in the clearance and handling of their goods.